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  • Scott Williams - Stencil of Geramino, 2001

Scott Williams - Stencil of Geramino, 2001

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Scott Williams
Untitled (Native American with Shotgun), 2001
Stenciled acrylic on paper
7 1/8 x 5 5/8 inches


Williams is best known for his intricate stencil work which ranges in form from graffiti art, to handmade artists’ books, to textile design, to paintings on canvas. His rich and layered imagery includes architecture, appropriations from West Coast popular culture (i.e. Hollywood, pulp fiction), as well as historic and political figures.

Obsessive, lyrical, and mythical are a few words that come to mind when viewing Williams’ work. As quoted by Williams, “I try to drop hints of insane panic under the happy pop images, like a secret handshake.” And like a secret handshake, or a subversive code, William’s stenciled images leave the viewer deciphering the layers and seeking meaning in their hyper repetition. Williams culls from his repertoire of iconic images, and in a post-pop-art-punk-rock-warholian fashion, he creates a new sense of urgency, a new “reality:” The Neo-Fake.

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