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Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches [OOP]

Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches [OOP]

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Featuring collages, assemblages, drawings, facsimile texts, and never-before-seen photographs, Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches examines the artistic relationship between Grammy-winning musician Beck and his grandfather Happenings/Fluxus artist Al Hansen. Al Hansen's collages incorporate the artist's love of found objects Hershey bar wrappers, girlie magazine portraits, cigarette butts, and of course, matches as the raw materials for his performances and assemblage sculptures. Beck Hansen is best known for his multiplatinum-selling recordings like Odelay, which exhibit a junkman's passion for discarded styles and stances. Both artists seek to transform and elevate the base, often nasty detritus of everyday life into a dynamic aesthetic experience. Essay by Wayne Baerwaldt, interview with Beck by Carlo McCormick.

Second printing. 124 pages, Softcover, 10.5 x 9 in., 1998

Out of Print.

ISBN #0921381131

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