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William Anthony: War is Swell - Hardcover [O.O.P.]

William Anthony: War is Swell - Hardcover [O.O.P.]

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From the beginning of World War II, when William Anthony was seven years old, to its end, when he was almost eleven, he was a real American patriot. In his child mind, he loved every aspect of the adventurous war as it was relayed to him through the letters, the newspapers, and the comic books that reached his quiet Tacoma, Washington, suburb. War Is Swell is an illustrated reenactment of this elaborate (and innocent) experience of war in Anthonys raw signature styleunfiltered, uncensored, and untempered by political correctness. Both a picture-book testament to childhood enthusiasm and a harrowing glimpse into the mechanics of propaganda and ignorance, War Is Swell is a wry and provocative examination of American history.

Out of Print. Limited copies available from our archive.

126 pages, Hardcover, 7 1/2 x 10 inches, 2000

ISBN #1889195391

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