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  • Viggo Mortensen: Recent Forgeries
  • Viggo Mortensen: Recent Forgeries

Viggo Mortensen: Recent Forgeries

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Recent Forgeries documents Viggos first solo exhibition as a painter. It is an extraordinary look into the mind of an artist whose boundless creative output touches a myriad of media, from photography to painting to poetry to acting. A minute gesture, an accidental encounter, a change of lightMortensen uses his art to capture the simple moments of his life, to give them meaning, to satisfy his curiosity, and to express his wonder at the suchness of people and things in the passing world. The writings, paintings, collages, and photographs (color as well as black and white) in this book point to the fluidity of meaning in a world of flux. Illustrated within this publication are some of the painting Viggo did for the movie A Perfect Murder. Recent Forgeries includes a CD with music and spoken-word poetry. Introduction by Dennis Hopper.

110 pages, Softcover, 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 inches, 2002

ISBN #1889195324

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