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Jeffrey Vallance: "Blinky, The Friendly Hen" Flying Disk [Limited Edition]

Jeffrey Vallance: "Blinky, The Friendly Hen" Flying Disk [Limited Edition]

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Blinky, the quintessential conceptual artwork of the 1970s, is the seriocomic brainchild of artist Jeffrey Vallance, who has taken the concept and processes of documentation to their most absurd conclusion. 2008 marks the thirty-year anniversary of Jeffrey Vallances Blinky project. In celebration of this historic event, Vallance has released this special limited edition flying disk.

The original Blinky (1978) was a piece of meat (chicken) Vallance purchased at a local supermarket. What followed was a trip to the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery to see if they would bury a piece of meatthey did, and held a subsequent burial ritual for a dead pet, all documented by Vallance. Vallances straightforward narrative and simple black-and-white photos offer a striking commentary on our society, our treatment of animals, and death.

Plastic Flying Disk, 8.75” diameter, 2008

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