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Fernando Bryce [Pinspot #10]

Fernando Bryce [Pinspot #10]

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Fernando Bryce lives in Berlin and in Lima. The idea of the panopticum inspires his work. Fernando Bryce combines copied images, drawings and abstract compositions with which he sets up large-scale visual fields of drawings on paper. His poetic method combines personal and collective histories and myths.
He takes already existing images and brings them into a subjective context in order to reinterpret them, (mimetic analysis). Fernando Bryce thereby associates sporadically reappearing formations with invented formations. The whole becomes an iconographic net.

Fernando Bryces piece The Progress of Peru-Benavides consists of 37 ink-on-paper drawings. He took the title from a 1937 pamphlet of the same name published by the Peruvian government for distribution in English-speaking countries. The work emerged from Bryces stay in Berlin, where he found copies of official propaganda produced by the government of Oscar Benavides. These images are less the trace of an incomplete history of the Republic than the genealogy of personal history, vis-a-vis with his own country and its tinted image repertoire. In Bryces work the social or personal almost always intervenes-its purpose is critical and ethical with a subtly shifting focus.

36 pages, Softcover, 9 x 6 inches, 2001

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