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  • Martin Kippenberger: Track 16 Gallery Exhibition Silkscreen Print

Martin Kippenberger: Track 16 Gallery Exhibition Silkscreen Print

$ 350.00

This influencial and mischievousness German artist created a body of work that was conceptual and often controversial. Through his shameless self promotion he became the focus of a generation of provocative German artists in the 1990s. But he would not see the decade through, dying in March 1996. This silkscreen print was made by Kippenburger for his 1995 exhibition at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica.
Silkscreen print on coated paper.

“In ‘The Problem Perspective,’ the curators give us Kippenberger the bacchanalian art-making machine, hanging several hundred works, some in dim nooks or high on walls. A lamppost sculpture with a Santa hat occupies the space usually held by Rodins Balzac. This is the most alive the new MoMA has looked, and it puts the overriding content of Kippenbergers work into sharp focus: inner necessity, a frenzy against control, the need to pulverize clichs, and desperation built upon the fear of a short life. Most important, he was comfortable holding seemingly contradictory positions at once. Kippenberger instinctively grasped that ideologies and hierarchies were moribund, that formalism and technique are flexible, and that one can be idealistic without being utopian. These are keys for young artists looking for ways around pessimism and gamesmanship.” from the Jerry Saltz review of Kippenberger’s retrospective at MoMA in New York Magazine (February 26, 2009)

Edition of 100. Signed and dated.
33 1/8×23 3/8 inches. 1995.