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San Francisco Art Association

The Western Round Table on Modern Art – 1949 [Softcover]

The Western Round Table on Modern Art – 1949 [Softcover]

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Abstract of Proceedings

An abstract from a round table discussion held at the San Francisco Museum of Art on April 8-10, 1949. Participants included George Boas, Gregory Bateson, Kenneth Burke, Marcel Duchamp, Alfred Frankenstein, Robert Goldwater, Darius Milhaud, Andrew C. Ritchie, Arnold Schoenberg, Mark Tobey, and Frank Lloyd Wright. The aim of the Round Table was to provide a representation of the best informed opinions on questions about art. A special exhibition of modern art was assembled for the event and shown in conjunction. 

Condition: Good condition. Some discoloration and wear on front and back covers. Minor tear on first page.

Publisher: San Francisco Art Association, 1949

San Francisco


Dimensions: 11 x 8 1/4 in.

71 pages

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