• Karen Finley: Pooh Unplugged
  • Karen Finley: Pooh Unplugged
  • Karen Finley: Pooh Unplugged

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Karen Finley: Pooh Unplugged

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In the spirit of Karen Finleys riotous performances, Pooh Unplugged dissects social hypocrisy and commercialism by moving Pooh and Christopher Robin, Tigger and Eeyore out of their fairy tale and into real life. Pooh has an eating disorder, Piglet suffers from low self-esteem, Owl has delusions of grandeur, and Eeyore is depressed in Finleys deftly drawn cartoon world, which was inspired by late-night reading to her four-year-old daughter. As seen through the eyes of one of Americas most potent social observers, the lure of big bucks, syndication, and movie deals infects Pooh Corner in all-too-familiar ways, and the changes wrought by the Disneyfication of these lovely woodland creatures is both hilarious and horrifying. Not meant for children or stupid adults.

64 pages, Softcover, 7 x 10 inches, 1999

Softcover is a limited edition of 500, signed and numbered by the author.

ISBN #188919526x

Link to Finleys Pooh Unplugged Exhibition

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