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Hidden Truths: Bloody Sunday 1972

Hidden Truths: Bloody Sunday 1972

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In 1972 the Parachute Regiment of the British Army opened fire on a peaceful civil rights march in Derry, in the north of Ireland, killing thirteen people and wounding many others. A watershed event in contemporary Irish history, Bloody Sunday challenged the premise that constitutional politics could bring about change, resulting in the decision by many Irish nationalists to take up arms. This anthology uses analysis, interviews, personal accounts, and images to examine from several different perspectives the personal and political implications generated by Bloody Sunday and its impact on the present. Writers include Gerry Adams, Elaine Brotherton, Joelle Gartner, Luke Gibbons, Tom Hayden, Don Mullan, Gilles Peress, Peter Pringle, and Trisha Ziff. Edited by Trisha Ziff.

200 pages, Softcover, 9 1/4åÊx7 3/4 inches, 1998

ISBN #1889195189

Blood, Sweat & Tears Exhibition

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