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At the Curve of the World [Exhibition Catalogue]

At the Curve of the World [Exhibition Catalogue]

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At the Curve of the World is a catalogue of an exhibition that examines current feminist strategies in art. The eight artists featured in the catalogue (Mariana Botey, E.V. Day, Laurie Dahlberg and Anne Fishbein, Diana Lopez, Gertrudis Rivalta, Elena del Rivero, and Sandra Vivas) share a fierce dedication to engendering social disturbance and demanding new terms of engagement with traditional historical narratives. Through a variety of media, they confront the intellectual strategies of contemporary art with resonant human feeling to stimulate a vital dialogue on gender and history. Contributors include Jan Avgikos, Rub̩n Gallo, Lynell George, Rita Gonzalez, Carlos Lizarralde, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Kevin Power, and Linda Yablonsky. Edited by Pilar Perez.

64 pages, Softcover, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 1999

ISBN #1889195413

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