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  • Pinspot Series: The Complete Set!

Pinspot Series: The Complete Set!

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Pinspot is a series of artists books that explore the printed page as an environment for unfettered creativity. A Pinspot book is an artists notebook, an area free of commercial restraints where artists can explore ideas, a printed multipleanything but a catalogue. The artist may choose to use color images or only black and white, to collaborate with a writer or designer or to work alone, to incorporate text (anything from an artists statement to fiction or poetry) or let the images speak for themselves. The sophisticated, computer-generated cityscapes of Jody Zellen, the soft porn-influenced “apartment wrestling” photographs of Cameron Jamie, the earthy, nature-on-paper concoctions of Rob Cragie, all point to a developing library of exciting variety and innovation, offering the public an inexpensive glimpse into the working minds of some of todays hottest young artists. Recently published pinspots feature the work of Angeleno artist Laurie Steelink, fanciful painter Eric White, Cuban painter Pedro Alvarez, Milagros de la Torre, Saidel Brito, Fernando Bryce, tech artist Alan Rath, the shirt digesting Charles LaBelle, Duchamp investigators Nicholas Lowie & Sheridan Lowrey, X lead singer Exene Cervenka, and photographic ironist David Byrne.

What’s included:
Jody Zellen: Invisible Cities [Pinspot #2]
Cameron Jamie: Rugburn [Pinspot #3]
Rob Cragie: Think Thought Think [Pinspot #4]
Laurie Steelink: Clowndog [Pinspot #5]
Eric White: Blue Folds of Skin [Pinspot #6]
Pedro Alvarez: How Havana Stole from New York the Idea of Cuban Art [Pinspot #7]
Charles LaBelle (Disappearer) [Pinspot #8]
Milagros de la Torre “punzocortante” [Pinspot #9]
Fernando Bryce [Pinspot #10]
Saidel Brito [Pinspot #11]
Alan Rath: STEREO [Pinspot #12]
David Byrne Asks You: WHAT IS IT? [Pinspot #13]
Nicholas Lowie and Sheridan Lowrey: [A] Rrose is an apple . . . [Pinspot #14]
Exene Cervenka: America the Beautiful [Pinspot #15]
Lunna Menoh: 1988-2006 [Pinspot #16]
Michelle Rogers: Troubles at Home [Pinspot #17]
Paul Joyce: Hollywoodland [Pinspot #18]

When purchased in this set, it comes to less than $5.50 each.

Each book is 36 pages, Softcover, 9×6 inches, 1999-2007

Marcel Dzama: Famous Drawings [Pinspot #1] is out of print and not in included.

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