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  • Kathleen Henderson - Out•takes Drawing #34

Kathleen Henderson - Out•takes Drawing #34

$ 250.00

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During Kathleen Henderson's exhibition at Track 16 in January 2020, she installed over a hundred "out take" oil stick on paper drawings. What Henderson calls "out take" is an 8x10 inch cutout of a larger drawing that she may have discarded completely if not for this special portion. Priced at $250, half the proceeds were given to the Navajo Nation Democrats of Arizona for voter registration. By the end of the exhibition we were able to donate over $3,000 to the effort.

And now the fundraising continues throughout 2020. Again the drawings are approximately 8x10 inches and cost $250. Half the money goes to Navajo Nation Democrats. 

Learn more about Henderson's work and exhibition.

And learn more about Navajo Nation Dems.

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