S.O.S. ~ Flash Art Sale to Get Out the Vote

100% of proceeds benefit Fair Fight

Over 90 artists come together to protect the right to vote and counter anti-voter suppression efforts. Artists include: Nina KatchShepard Fairey, Manuel Ocampo, Robbie Conal, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandow Birk. Buy now and spread the word to raise funds to protect free and fair voting.
Stacey Abrams's Fair Fight promotes fair elections in Georgia and across the country, encourages voter participation, and educated voters about elections and voting rights.

To make sure fully 100% of the sale proceeds goes to Fair Fight, Track 16 will be covering the credit card merchant fees on all the sales. For example, if someone buys an artwork for $1,000, Track 16 will give the full $1,000 to Fair Fight and the gallery will cover the credit card fees (for this example about $30). 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.