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Mexperimental Cinema

Mexperimental Cinema

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A roller-skating nun prophesizes the death of rocknroll in spray paint on the walls of a Mexico City high-rise. The angular, succulent leaves of the maguey plant dance to the rhythm of Shostakovichs 11th Symphony. A feminist prankster wreaks havoc in a monastic order by adding LSD to the friars drinking supply. A postmodern ranchera singer savors the taste of her own pumping heart. Mexican cinema is ripe with such subversive images: over the last sixty years scores of film- and video-makers have fractured narrative and toppled conventions in an avant-garde rebellion that has taken a myriad of subversive forms, and they are all sampled in this first-ever survey of experimental Mexican media arts. Edited by Rita Gonzles and Jesse Lerner.

168 pages, Softcover, 8 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches, 1998

ISBN #1889195308

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