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Charles Brittin: Exhibition Catalogue

Charles Brittin: Exhibition Catalogue

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Charles Brittins intimate photo documentation of the L.A./San Francisco art scene in the fifties and sixties captured mythic moments in the lives of such luminaries as Walter Hopps, Ed Kienholz, and Wallace Berman. Often associated with the California Beat Generation, his pictures convey that periods poetic, lowbrow camaraderie and provide rich insight into its collaborative community of artists, writers, and musicians. In the mid-sixties, Brittin also began focusing on the civil rights and antiwar movements, creating unique visions of social revolution. This comprehensive catalogue includes work from each of these periods, as well as examples of Brittins little-known personal still lifes. Introduction by Walter Hopps, interview with Brittin by Kristine McKenna.

80 pages, Softcover, 10 x 8 inches, 1999

ISBN #1889195286

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