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Alan Rath: Robotics

Alan Rath: Robotics

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A comprehensive designer, Alan Rath makes interdisciplinary art that incorporates his studies of human behavior, sociology, physics, chemistry, art history, artificial intelligence, and a fair dose of humor. Robotics documents the full range of his creativity, featuring cathode ray-tube sculptures that display close-up images of blinking eyes, noses,licking lips, and hand signals; games that use LED numerals programmed to engage in mathematical equations and puzzles; esoteric number systems; and haunting robotic sculptures his most recent and engaging body of work. Essay by critic David Ebony and an appreciation by Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann of the Santa Fe Institute.

64 pages, Softcover, 9 x 11 1/2 inches, 1999

ISBN #0965058352

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