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Smart Art Press/Semiotext(e)

Deran Ludd: No Aloha

Deran Ludd: No Aloha

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Not long after the collapse of the former United States of America, Pastor-Governor Bill Kingson and other high-ranking members of Team Jesus flee the theocratic police state/self-help pyramid scheme they have created in Colorado, leaving only the paramilitary tribes of ex-suburbanites desperate to escape the Golden West for Disney's ReLive USA theme park or the legendary safety of Bulgaria. Thus begins the adventure of four feral adolescents bound together for safety as they struggle to cross the wilds that Denver has become. Blind loyalty and survival skills supercede the confines of race and gender as this postapocalyptic family learns to care for each other in the face of a disaster they don't begin to understand.

206 pages, Soctcover, 7 x 4 1/2 inches, 1999

ISBN #1584350083

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