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David Byrne Asks You "WHAT IS IT?" [Pinspot #13]

David Byrne Asks You "WHAT IS IT?" [Pinspot #13]

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Pinspot is a series of artist's books that explore the printed page as an environment for unfettered creativity. A Pinspot book is an artist's notebook, an area free of commercial restraints where artists can explore ideas, a printed multiple anything but a catalogue. The artist may choose to use color images or only black and white, to collaborate with a writer or designer or to work alone, to incorporate text (anything from an artist's statement to fiction or poetry) or let the images speak for themselves.

In Pinspot no.13, David Byrne Asks You: WHAT IS IT This illustrated color volume folds out to a poster measuring 24 x 35 inches. Byrne's photographs ask the viewers to guess what the abstracted images really are.

Pinspot #13
Softcover, 9 x 6 inches, 2002

[the signed edition is signed on the back and each has a custom 'answer' on the front.]

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