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Radiant Spaces: Private Domain [Exhibition Catalogue]

Radiant Spaces: Private Domain [Exhibition Catalogue]

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RADIANT SPACES: PRIVATE DOMAIN presents artists working in the tradition of Art Brut. Jean Dubuffet who coined the term Art Brutin the late 1940s, stated that creativity in its purest forms means rejecting all models [Art Brut includes] works executed by those immune to artistic culture in which imitation has no role; in which their creators take all (subjects, materials, transposition, rhythm, style, etc.) from their own individuality and not from the base of classical art or stylish trends. Included in the catalogue are 77 color reproductions of works by Judith Scott, Noah Erenberg, Greg Pelner, Donald Mitchell, Tammy Brackens, John McKenzie, and Michael Bernard Loggins, among others. The catalogue, edited and designed by L.A. Weekly art critic, Doug Harvey, includes an interview with JOHN M. MACGREGOR, Ph.D., a recognized authority in psychiatric art. In this interview, MacGregor speaks in length about the artists working within a workshop context and the manners in which their creativity flourishes in that setting. In his book The Discovery of the Art of the Insane (Princeton University Press, 1989), he has performed the only extended study in this field, he has also written Metamorphosis: The Fiber Art of Judith ScottThe Outsider Artist and the Experience of Downs Syndrome (Creative Growth Art Center, 1999). The catalogue also includes essays by CHERYL RIVERS, Ph.D.., who currently teaches at the American Folk Art Museums Folk Art Institute in New York, DOUG HARVEY whose writing has also appeared in Art in America and the New York Times, and exhibition curator, ELENA MARY SIFF, an artist working with collage, assemblage, and altered book forms.

128 pages, Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 2004

ISBN #1889195537

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