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12x12 [exhibition announcement], 2012

12x12 [exhibition announcement], 2012

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12x12 [exhibition announcement], 2012

Offset on paper

12 x 12 inches 

Artists: Steven Bankhead, Tony MacKenzie, Hannah Greely & Elana Scherr, Chris Wilder, Alex Becerra, Jason Yates, Jan Tumlir, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Tom Norris, T. Kelly Mason, Steve Roden, Thaddeus Strode

Exhibition at the R.M. Schindler Buck House, Los Angeles, CA

"Within the history of artistic production, there has been a constant banter between artists and the music that inspires them while at work. In accord with the present history of Schindler's Buck House as a project/production site, the concept for this exhibition does not take on the idea of DJ ing, but more so explores the music that inspires artists in their studios. 12 sessions in 12 hours."

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