• Mondongo: thread/bare, Limited Edition Tea Towel

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Mondongo: thread/bare, Limited Edition Tea Towel

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This limited edition multiple was created for thread/bare, an exhibition of new work by Argentinean collective, Mondongo. Curated by Kevin Power, thread/bare was on view from March 17 through April 14, 2007.

The all cotton, silk-screened tea towel was printed in an edition of 250. A detail image from the love series, as well as a poem by curator, Kevin Power are screened onto the towel. A gromit for hanging, also used for attaching the label (which reads: Mondongo/thread/bare (tea towel), 2007, Poem by Kevin Power, Edition of 250, Published by Smart Art Press, www.track16.com) is on the top left corner.

Mondongo, formed in 1999, includes artists Agustina Picasso, Manuel Mendanha, and Juliana Laffitte. They have since earned their particular place in the ebullience of Argentinean art: an iconoclastic, punk, imaginatively inventive, sharply particular, personal, laid-back look at life-a do what you like situation from a ground zero world loaded with elements from a grotesque farce.

21 x 28 inches, 2007

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