• Mondongo: Vultures [Pinspot #19]
  • Mondongo: Vultures [Pinspot #19]

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Mondongo: Vultures [Pinspot #19]

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In Spanish, the word mondongo means tripe, or the lining of a cows stomach. The word Mondongo is also a stew we love, and we are like three witches stirring it up in a cauldron: revolving and expecting and trying and experimenting; attempting to alchemize, to distill, and ooze all the chaos, and the all possible all-ness in it . . .
Mondongo, 2008 (from the Mondongo Manifesto)

In Mondongos world all is up for deconstructive terrorism the miserable ambitions of the ego, social hypocrisy, the slight satisfactions of sex, whats left of the family, the murderous ideology of a victim satiated world.

The amount of work Mondongo put into each piece is extensive, and both intricate and beautiful. They are literally paintings without paintusing such materials as thread, beads, plasticine, cookies, and glitter, to name of few. Production is slow and deliberate as the material and concept are intricately jelled: the materials used as metaphorical adjuncts to the concepts.

36 pages, Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 2008