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Doppelhouse Press

Eve Wood: Remarks on Color [Hardcover]

Eve Wood: Remarks on Color [Hardcover]

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Birds, animals, and odd characters populate this delightful and humorous book of imaginative color studies that resist pandemic-era social deprivation and general malaise with vivid, irreverent, and sometimes naughty personae.

Artist Eve Wood has a ribald sense of humor and for decades has had a distinctive presence in the Los Angeles art scene. Also an art critic, poet, and bird rescuer, the many facets of her colorful life come together in Remarks on Color, which was conceived as a serial for the longest running art magazine in Southern California, L.A.’s beloved Artillery. In this book, Eve writes about a rainbow of colors to accompany her first monograph — some of her best artwork to date. In the collection, we get to live with Wood and her bestiary, contemplating the world’s marvels and its ills. Her dog sleeps on a Ukranian-gold and blue rug; her raven vacuums the house; characters from movies and art stand in for obnoxious or dreamy colors; and the birds – so many birds – sing of freedom.

144 pages
Full color illustrations throughout
7 1/4 x 5 3/8 inches
Published by Doppelhouse Press



Remarks on Color is a luminous tapestry of prose poetry that invites readers to embark on a chromatic odyssey. Wood’s stunning synthesis of familiar reality and surreal exaggeration illuminates the complex relationships, emotions and cultural associations we share with these spectral entities. In the journey through these pages, one encounters the vibrant Red who rebels against its fiery reputation, a Green that yearns for acceptance, a Yellow that basks in the sun’s glory only to be shunned in the shadows, and an Orange that grapples with its tumultuous ties to both warmth and warning. As the amused reader considers the significance of each color in their own personal spectrum, Wood serves up a feast and critique of the colorful world in which we live.
–Tyler Stallings, author of Aridtopia: Essays on Art & Culture from Deserts in the Southwest United States

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