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Kathleen Henderson: Out-takes [Softcover / Pinspot #22]

Kathleen Henderson: Out-takes [Softcover / Pinspot #22]

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Kathleen Henderson’s artist book of "outtakes” are a selection of 8x10 inch pieces literally cut out of larger works. Henderson takes on what may be the biggest issue of our crisis-laden times; human folly in the face of extinction. Henderson’s emotive drawings show man bumbling through the world, tripping and fumbling, as the litany of crises mount. Some are trapped, as Narcissus was, stupidly gazing at their own reflections. Others are more literally blinded by the bags they wear over their heads. They stand no chance of even knowing what telltale signs of doom they are missing; sitting ducks. Artemis of Ephesus, a mother goddess and protector of pregnant women, makes an appearance in two drawings. Henderson never really points the finger in her work. Instead her drawings make us all complicit in the fate that awaits us. Our human folly so evident. Our stupidity laid bare.

36 pages.
9 x 6 inches
Pinspot #22

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