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Robbie Conal

Robbie Conal - Kevin McCarthy — Oil on archival board

Robbie Conal - Kevin McCarthy — Oil on archival board

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Robbie Conal. “Kevin McCarthy, Process State #1 for ‘What Could Go Wrong’". 2021. Oil on Strathmore illustration board. 30 x 20 inches. #RC.14172

Our exhibition “Robbie Conal Raw: Work in Process” continues through November 4th. The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday 12pm – 6pm and by appointment.

Also in November Conal’s work will be featured in the the Broad Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition “Desire, Knowledge, and Hope (with Smog)” an exhibition that include reflections on L.A. as a city in flux and turmoil, and on societal issues that extend far beyond the city.

Known for skewering political figures and delivering satirical posters of them in cities across the U.S., guerrilla artist Robbie Conal is still at it. For nearly four decades, Conal has mocked the parade of – primarily rightwing – hypocrites, bigots, and warmongers who occupy political office, along with the sycophants who prop them up. In stealthy but prolific protest, the artist, along with a cadre of like-minded volunteers, has been wheatpasting his posters across the city of Los Angeles since the late 1980s.

Conal says, “The initial drawing process helps me dig deeper into their actual character, beneath the gloss of their public bluster. The challenge is then to amplify that preliminary discovery of their real persona, and put my own satirical spin on their foibles in my finished artwork.”

#kevinmccarthy #guerrillaart #politicalart #politicalgraphics

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