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The Naked Mind ~ Exhibition Catalogue

The Naked Mind ~ Exhibition Catalogue

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 “The Naked Mind” is a term borrowed from the writer Terence McKenna to describe the octopus’s peculiar visual expressivity of thoughts and feelings via their coloring, texture and movements. Should they wish their thoughts or feelings to remain private, they “ink” the water to conceal this information. McKenna referred to them as having a Naked Mind. Unlike octopi, our thoughts are concealed by facial control, our feelings by numbing our bodies. We also mask our thoughts and feelings from ourselves, but why exactly? 

The exhibition explores a spectrum of choices made to unveil and understand the effects of trauma on the human psyche. The nine artists included attempt to demythologize its stigma, intertwined as it is with the process of creativity. The impulse to generate imagery as a means of transforming emotional turmoil into tangible objects serves as a vehicle for deeper self-reflection. This approach became the seed idea for The Naked Mind project. We began with discussions around the mental health crisis and its devastating effects on everyone’s lives in this country. 

Exhibition was curated by Georganne Deen. Artists in the Exhibition: Liz Young, Eve Wood, Cathy Ward, Georganne Deen, Samantha Harrison, Christine Wertheim, Laurie Steelink, Rhonda Saboff / Parker Pine, Lara Allen.

8.5 x 5.5 inches
48 pages
Perfect binding (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-889195-62-9

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